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This blog is belongs to Tia Putri. She is (always) young woman, a wife and working (mom). 
She comes from Kebumen-Purworejo-Solo, Central Java. 
She is Industrial (Engineer). 
Now she lives in east Jakarta, works at heavy equipment manufacturing company.

She loves writing until forget when she has to eat. 
She is a big fan of romantic & happy ending Korean drama.
 Her favorites are Princess Hours 1st and My Princess. 
She really in loves to cats. 
She likes listening music, but dont ask her to sing a song, 
cause her voice would better in silent mode :D

Since April 2013 she has been tied the knot to Mr. A, 
a kind and humble man in her world. 
She really loves him till the moon and back :D

Her personality meets to INTJ - Introvert (67%), iNtuitive (50%),  
Thinking (88%) & Judging (56%) by MBTI test, then lil bit ambitious, 
perfectionist, forceful, optimistic, adaptable, simple, and energetic.

Thank you for being her 'virtual' and real friends.
Happy reading all

Tia Putri

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