You Are Not Alone

by - Thursday, May 15, 2008

When you feel alone
When you have no strength
You have doubt in your heart
Trouble’s around you
Just remember Allah

When you feel happy
Smile is on your face
You have love around you
The day is so bright
Just remember Allah

Because without Allah…
You don’t have a guide
Because without Allah…
You don’t have a life

Allah’s love can make us peace…
Allah’s love can make us strong…
So, you just remember Allah
Every day every time

Allah will be by your side
Allah the only guide
No matter what you think
No matter what you feel
Just remember Allah


I am not alone…
…in my struggle to accept my whole self
…in wanting to be known and recognized
…in my attempts to do it on my own
…in my desire to live simply and gently

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