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by - Friday, January 03, 2014

picture from drama Dream High2
Watching Kdrama aka Korean Drama for some people were so interesting, even being addicted. Although many people said that kdrama was boring, monoton, and excessive - 'too much'. But for me, kdrama was just like a drug to kick out the lonely. Haha.

Kdrama had some genre, such as comedy, mystery, romantic, action, etc. But I really like the romantic one and happy ending story. Beside that, I prefer drama which is played by a good looking 'handsome' actors and pretty actrees. It's because of usualy Kdrama have more than ten episodes, and I would not spend much time just to watch sad end story. So, I would not get loss if the story ended happily. lol

Here, I wanna share some of kdrama that I have seen and I really like so much : princess hours 1, gentlemet dignity, my princess, playfull kiss, full house, heirs, and sassy girl chun hyang. All of that told about love, a bit of tears, friendship, and of course a cool 'handsome' guy. Hahaha. The handsome one with cool or romantic or funny character is more than a flavour of the story.

After spending so many time to enjoy kdramaland, I’ve come to learn a lot of important stuff that I wouldn’t have learned any other way. In fact, kdramas have a taught me a lot of valuable lessons about life, love, and especially Korean culture. Someday I will share that lesson ya.. Hihii..

Yaa.. in this article I considerate to use english, because one of my dream is I have english blog. So that I must brave to write English. Though there are many wrong in it. Then, I will appreciate if you want to correct me if i wrong. :)

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